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Unfortunately, I can’t create a specific workout plan for you (we offer plenty of free ones on the site and have The Nerd Fitness Academy).  If you have basic fitness questions or need specific advice on workouts or diets, check out the Nerd Fitness message boards! It’s a community of thousands and thousands of fellow nerds who want to help you out.  Definitely the coolest group of people I’ve ever been a part of.

BEFORE YOU EMAIL US: do a simple google search “Nerd Fitness + [subject]”…there’s a good chance I’ve already written a 2000+ word article about it! Don’t make me use “let me google that for you,” please 🙂

WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING GUEST POST SUBMISSIONS.  Although we may post guest posts on Nerd Fitness from time to time, they are articles written by my friends that I have personally reached out to, to write on a particular subject.


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For the Rebellion!



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